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(re)FRESH Dry Shampoo Tropical Coconut
For fast-absorbing powders to soak up and eliminate oil, sweat, and odor use (re)FRESH Dry Shampoo Our formula cleanses hair, leaving it looking and feeling refreshed no dusty white residue, just revitalized, touchable hair
Wild Growth Hair Oil
Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 oz is a simple solution for your hair care routine. It consists of an uncompromisingly rich plant-based formula that hydrates, conditions and softens for more manageable hair. Dry, tangled and hard to manage tresses will...
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Softee Signature Growth Oil Thickening
Repairs damaged hair to thicker, shiner, manageable hair using Softee Signature Growth Oil Thickening Replenishes moisture for stronger hair Strengthens weak, fragile hair by repairing damage caused by heat and harsh treatments
Creme of Nature Aloe & Black Castor Oil Root Recharge Serum
Protect against damage when styling and restore moisture to areas, such as edges and napes, with our Root Recharge Serum while building the strength you need for beautiful, healthier looking hair. Promotes Fuller, Thicker, Stronger, & Longer Hair Protects Against...
Cantu Sulphate-Free Cleansing Cream Shampoo 13.5oz
CANTU SULFATE-FREE CLEANSING CREAM SHAMPOO gently cleanses and moisturizes while helping to reduce breakage during shampooing. CLEANSES: Creates a rich lather and removes heavy buildup. PREVENTS BREAKAGE: formula made with pure Shea butter to gently clean, moisturize, and prevent breakage...
Cantu-Hydrating Cream Conditioner
Helps hair retain natural oils for fewer split ends Moisturizes revealing healthier, hydrated hair Conditions & adds slip for less breakage Unique sulfate-free formula moisturizes dry, brittle hair and prevents split ends and breakage for healthier, hydrated hair. Made with...
Creme Of Nature with Argan Oil Perfect Edges Extra Firm Hold
Infused with Argan Oil, Perfect Edges™ Extra Firm Hold Edge Gel smoothes & controls hard-to-tame edges, moisturizes, conditions & delivers exotic shine. This new & improved formula controls frizz & leaves no residue, making it great for creating sleek, smooth...
Creme of Nature with Argan Oil from Morocco Moisture&Shine Shampoo
This Creme of Nature sulfate-free moisture & shine shampooformula hydrates hair and adds Exotic Shine™, while gently cleansing without harsh moisture stripping agents. Helps to detangle, soften and boost Exotic Shine™ Strengthens hair while optimizing the moisture balance of the hair...
Creme of Nature with Argan Oil from Morocco Intensive Conditioning Treatment
Intensive Conditioning Treatment is an intensively deep conditioning treatment that strengthens and helps prevent damage. Ideal for all hair types, this treatment can be used after every shampoo as a quick conditioner or every week as a reconstructor. Deeply infuses...
Creme of Nature Clay & charcoal Soften & Moisture Replenish Conditioner
Enhanced curl definition, softness and natural shine are yours with the Soften & Moisture Replenish Conditioner. Restores Moisture & Softness Controls Frizz & Enhances Curl Definition Enhances Natural Shine Directions After shampooing with Clay and Charcoal Shampoo, apply a generous amount...
Creme of Nature Clay & Charcoal Pre-Shampoo Detoxifying Clay Mask
Remove heavy build up while cleansing, detoxifying and infusing deep moisture with our Pre-Shampoo Detoxifying Clay Mask. Cleanses & Infuses Deep Moisture Provides Touchable Softness Mineral Rich Formula Detoxifies by Removing Product Build Up Controls Frizz Directions On dry hair,...
Creme of Nature Aloe & Black Castor Oil Healthy & Long Fortifying Hair Mask
Hydrate, restore softness, and strengthen hair with our Healthy & Long Fortifying Hair Mask infused with Aloe Vera Juice, Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Vitamins. Instantly Hydrates Hair Restores Softness Improves Hair Strength & Elasticity Directions After using the Creme...
Creme of Nature Aloe & Black Castor Oil Healthy & Long Fortifying Shampoo
Cleanse, detangle and restore moisture with our Healthy & Long Fortifying Shampoo while achieving a healthy level of strength and noticeable length. Cleanses Hair & Scalp Smoothes & Detangles Promotes Hair Length by Strengthening Damaged or Weak Hair Directions Apply...
Creme of Nature Pure Honey Moisture Infusion Edge Control
Infused with Pure Honey, Certified Natural Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, Moisture Infusion Edge Control provides the perfect hold and control for sleek hairstyles. 24-Hour Hold & Control Brilliant & Healthy Shine Anti-Frizz Non-Flaking, Non-Sticky, Non-Greasy Directions Apply to edges...
Creme Of Nature with Argan Oil Perfect Edges Black
Perfect for covering gray roots and minimizing the appearance of thinning edges while creating sleek, smooth styles. Holds & controls edges without flaking Covers gray roots Fills in edges & part line Gives Exotic Shine™  
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